First let me tell you how NOT to remove gum from the carpet.  Do NOT use the “freezing” method where you freeze the gum with a chemical spray and then break it up.  Its totally unnecessary and risks damaging the carpet fiber.

You simply use a little Goof Off or a Citrus Solvent.  Goof Off works the best.

Its possible that in the old days solvents such as paint thinner or mineral spirits could not be used on the carpet because it would destroy the glue backing, not to mention cause horrendous odors, so they developed the freezing method.

But it’s totally unnecessary today. Goof Off is extremely mild and totally safe to use on carpet.  Citrus Solvents are also good but they have to be rinsed more thoroughly as unlike Goof Off does not evaporate instantly and may dissolve the glue in the carpet backing if used excessively.

So just use enough to remove the gum.  It dissolves really fast and cleans right up.